Been a wee while since we heard from Milan Kundera here in the UK. Well, good news is that Kundera's The Curtain (originally published as Le Rideau, in French in April 2005 by Gallimard) will be published in English in February 2007 by HarperCollins. The Curtain is "a seven-part essay by Milan Kundera, along with The Art of the Novel and Testaments Betrayed composing a type of trilogy of book-length essays on the European novel." Goodness knows if and when we'll be getting another novel, though. The last one was Ignorance (written in 1999 in French and published there in 2000; translated into English in 2002 by Linda Asher).

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  1. Nice to hear the man so responsible for shaping contemporary existential thought (or at least, sensibility) will have another book out in English soon.

  2. kundera well determined about his style,about the way how to create master works, is one of the most wonder ful writer of our centuary. kunderas view point about his legacy is another important aspect of this master.i love thepen, with which he write his thoughts.

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